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Posted on June 14, 2011


We are pleased to announce:

That our Editor Simon Hawkesley has designed a new logo for the British Moroccan Society.

 “something Regal felt appropiate so alot of attention went into the font style/colour/design and then there is a socio-political statement regarding the two flags flying, in unison, to celebrate the close and special link between our two Sovereign Nations”. 


British Moroccan Society logo designed by Simon Hawkesley

Two sovereign nations with a long history of linked relationships embracing people, culture, trade, transport and education

The British Moroccan Society;  Are a membership based association dedicated to the promotion of links and understanding between our 2 nations as well as support our chosen charities in Morocco, with particular emphasis on education for children and women in the rural sector.


AiM (Arts in Marrakech)

The British Moroccan Society is delighted to announce that we have entered a partnership with Arts in Marrakech Biennale.  It is the first major trilingual (English, Arabic & French) arts festival in North Africa focusing on cutting edge contemporary art, literature and film. We are currently preparing its 4th edition for early March 2012.

About the British-Moroccan Society

Origins of the British-Moroccan Society

Although the British-Moroccan Society was established more than 30 years ago, its original objectives still hold true today.

They include:

  • Raising awareness and knowledge of Morocco in the United Kingdom
  • Fostering commercial and economic links between the two countries
  • Promoting tourism and cultural exchanges
  • Encouraging greater social contact between the peoples of the two countries
  • Raising money for Moroccan charities

It was in 1975 that Ronald Bailey (recently retired as British Ambassador in Morocco) got together with Captain David Russell, then Organising Secretary of the Society for the Protection of Animals in North Africa (SPANA)). Together, they set the wheels in motion for the formation of the Society.

Mr Abdallah Chorfi, the then Moroccan Ambassador in London, and Sir Anthony Nutting were approached to become joints presidents; and in October 1976 the Society was officially inaugurated with a reception at the residence of newly-appointed Moroccan Ambassador, Baderddine Senussi.

Over the years BMS membership has grown and now stands at more than 200 – although new members are always most welcome.

The Society arranges an interesting series of social and cultural events throughout the year; of which the highlight is the annual dinner each November. Thanks to the generosity of individual members and the prizes they donate, the dinner raises thousands of pounds to help a variety of worthy causes in Morocco. Click here for events. (Henley Regatta 29th June 2011) 

Objectives of the British-Moroccan Society

Morocco is a fascinating country with a very rich history. Moroccans colloquially speak an Arabic dialect known as Darija, as well as French in most business settings, and often English due to tourism being Morocco’s main industry, making it a truly “globalized” nation.

The British Moroccan Society has been working for over 30 years with local Moroccan charities to improve the state of orphanages throughout the country, to provide basic equipment to centers for children in difficulty and to help create classrooms and accommodation for young women from villages where schools tend to teach until they’re 11. They have contributed to build a boarding school near Tafraoute which houses 70 girls to allow them to study at the local high school.

To do this, the British Moroccan Society uses a variety of events in London and in Morocco to raise money and awareness. It has steadily increased its membership base to 200 and works closely with the Moroccan Embassy, the National Tourism board, Royal Air Maroc and a variety of local companies and interested parties.

To help the Moroccan people in their fight against illiteracy, the British Moroccan Society has decided to focus its efforts on the education sector in rural areas mostly (although not exclusively).

We are planning to establish 10 Learning centers in various areas of Morocco, in the Toubkal region, Tafraoute, Ait bouguemez and others. We already have a presence in some areas but we intend to build facilities to accommodate a library and a multifunction room. The library will provide books in Arabic, French and English and computers. We will train a couple of local young literate women and men to be responsible for the upkeep of the books and equipment and of course to know how to use the educational programs.

Our first center has opened in Talatast village (60 km from Marrakech) in June 2010 and  reaches the whole region. This means that over 100 children age 6 to 14 have access to the library where they can study, do their homework and read. Because this center is also educating women to read and write, as well as teach Arabic to nursery children, it will actually access a vast amount of people. We have created 2 jobs locally.

Who’s Who


Chairman: Mr Anthony Layden CMG
Vice chairman Honorary Secretary: Dr Ali Bahaijoub Mrs Benedicte Clarkson
Treasurer: Mr Hansdav Patel
Members: Mrs Vanessa Branson
  Mr Ali El Kasmi
  Mrs Annie Austin
  Ms Asmaa Hassouni
  Ms Fatuma Khouchoua
  Ms Jamilla Ait Akka
  The Lord Newall DL
  Mrs Nadia La Valle
  Mr Joseph Gaggero CBE Mr Ahmed NaitMs Samira Melloul




HH Princess Lalla Joumala Alaoui (Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to the Court of St James) Portrait: Simon Hawkesley

 HH Princess Lalla Joumala Alaoui
(Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to the Court of St James)


Mr Anthony Layden CMG (Portrait created by: Simon Hawkesley)

 Mr Anthony Layden CMG

Honorary Presidents

Mr Ronald Bailey CMG (Founder)
Mr Frank Law CBE
The Lord Newall DL
Mr Joe Gaggero CBE

Honorary Vice-Presidents

Lady Slynn of Hadley
Annie Austin


Dr Ali Bahaijoub, Mr Anthony Layden, The Lord Newall, Mr Ali El Kasmi, Mrs Benedicte Clarkson, Mr Hansdav Patel

Charity Work

Charities the British Moroccan Society is supporting

  • Tangier’s Foyer des Jeunes Diabetiques are in desperate need of funds as the number of children with diabetes continues to increase. Presently they are looking after 280 children.
    Thanks to the BMS help; one child will be added from the waiting list. – details will be sent directly to the Chairman.
    In Tangier there are over 600 diabetic children, whose families have no means to provide the daily necessities of this deadly disease, without their daily dose of insulin, these children will suffer endless complications leading to early death.

The Foyer tries to help but they are extremely short of funds. Under the direction of Dr Abdelmalek Bennane , all the excellent staff, volunteer doctors and trained nurses paid by le Ministère de la Santé, work very hard to keep the centre going, as well as assisting as many children as possible.

It costs 250 Euros a year to provide insulin and all the requirements necessary to keep one diabetic child alive. Personal donations are VERY welcome. Cheques made out to: “Foyer Jeunes Diabetiques Centre de Santé Said Noussairi” – Rue de Fez – 90 000Tanger


  • Tangier’s centre for children «Charity Missionaries (Mother Theresa)»
    The Sisters of Mother Teresa are very hard working nuns residing in the Old Spanish Cathedral in the Medina. Three Indian, one French, one Spanish. They are successfully coping with heartbreaking situations; teenage rapes, unmarried mothers, abused children, marital violence, drugs and alcohol abuse, abandoned elderly people, etc etc
    Their door is open to everyone day and night. These angelic Sisters are truly saintly as their great founder, and carry out their work with great devotion and a perpetual smile on their pretty faces.

Volunteers and personal donations are welcome. Cheques to be made out to: Missionary of Charities Rue Siaghins, 54 Old Spanish Cathedral Medina – 90 000 Tangier


  • La Crèche de Tangier is extremely well run by Naima and nurses provided by le Ministère de la Santé.
    It is a very cheerful place that gives shelter to abandoned babies, 45 on the day of our visit. The last baby-girl, few hours old, was found abandoned in the street, two weeks ago. The babies are kept under medical supervision and immaculately looked after in the hope that they will be adopted. If not, upon reaching the age of two they are sent to orphanages.
    There are five severely handicapped children over two years old in the Crèche, that nobody wants, not even the orphanages. Naima and the rest of the staff have “adopted” them and it is so heart-rending to watch them together, playing, laughing and loving.

The good news is that lately the adoption procedures have been made easier and provided the prospective adopting parents are Muslims, all nationalities are welcome. I have witnessed Swiss, French, Spanish, Italians and Americans who happily changed their faith in order to adopt Moroccan children. La Crèche continues its excellent work, thanks to donations.

Volunteers and personal donations are welcome. Cheques made out to: La Crèche de Tangier Hopital Al-Kortobi – 90 000 Tangier


  • Children’s centre in quartier Akkari, Rabat. 350 children
    Address: Chairman and founder Mr Anis Lebied
    Association de Bienfaisance de Rabat
    Maison d’ enfant Akkari
    Rue des Abattoirs, Akkari, Rabat
    Tel: +212 3769 0528
    Fax: +212 3769 4385
  • Centre for abandoned babies in Rabat (Prof. Bouazzaoui)
    Address: Association d’ Aide au Nouveau-NeMalade Kangourou
    16 Rue Bani Bouayach, Rabat
    Tel: +212 3768 0567 or +212 3768 6998
    Fax: +212 3768 0562
    The Center provides material, technical and moral support to newly born babies from poor families and also abandoned babies.
    Person in Charge: Professor Naima Lamdouar Bouazzaoui
  • Children’s center for the blind in Temara.
    Looking for a specialist to train teachers for the blind in the Temara center
  • Opening a Learning Center for Berber children and women in Talataste between Marrakech and Ouarzazate 

    Talataste Learning Center (May 2011)


  • Supplying a future learning center with furniture, books and laptops
  • Create another learning center for pre-school children and school children in Tiziwadou on the Kik Plateau
  •  Three centres in the Errachidia province ( Bassoul, Rich, Jorf)
  • Sidi Kacem children’s center Casablanca centre for disabled children
  • Association OUTOUL
    Pour le Développement et l’Assistance à la Femme et l’Enfant
    President: Ahmed Nait

    Address: Agni, Douar Doutmanroute, Ait wafka, Tahla Tafraoute, Tznit
    Tel: +212 6114 8451
    Fax: +212 4430 5367
  • Dar Al Bir Oua Lihsane
    Houses 700 men and women, elderly and mentally or physically handicapped as well as a center for teenagers 12-18 who wish to learn a trade.

Dar Al Bir Oua Lihsane


Membership of the British Moroccan Society is open to all.

Annual Subscriptions:

Individual: £20 Joint: £25  Corporate: £200

Life Memberships

Individual: £120 Joint: £160

Please use the BMS Subscription Form to enlist as a member. For payment, you can either send us a cheque ( address on the subscription form) or pay by credit card by clicking on the “donate” button on your right and write “membership” in the explanation section.

For all membership enquiries, please contact the Honorary Secretary Benedicte Clarkson, using the Contact Us page.


If you wish to donate and you are a UK tax payer, please print the gift-aid donation form:

Click BMSdonation form to download the general donation form

click AiMdonation form if you wish to give specifically to Arts in Marrakech Festival

and send it back to us together with your cheque or you can click on the donate button at the right of the screen or you can do a bank transfer:

Natwest Bank
sorting code : 56-00-27
account : 25603353       The British Moroccan Society


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