Flashpacker – Flashpacking ? Explained

Posted on May 29, 2011


What do you want to do?

• Explore Morocco the genuine way
• Immerse yourself into the culture
• Travel with the locals
• See the natural & unspoilt beauty of this country
• Make the journey part of your holiday
• A memorable way to discover a country & its’ people
• Get to know likeminded people
•  A step towards greater exploration
•  Be encouraged to appreciate a country as it should be seen.

…make it an unforgettable experience


Then you may well be a Flashpacker: Kerstin Brand explains; 

Most travellers have backpacked at some stage in their life. Some go for the traditional hard-core version. Sleeping on floors and roughing it in the jungle. Others have opted for the softer version, those in their early to late 20’s, staying in hostels, sleeping in large dorms; in Australia or Thailand for example. However, most have also experienced the dirty bed linen, the shared showers and blocked toilets.

So now that you have ticked those boxes and are now a bit maturer what is the next step?

Flashpacker vs Backpacker

You don’t want to miss out on travelling by public transport, the thought of staying in a chain hotel puts you off, package holidays are an absolute no no; you want that bit of the luxury, you have become accustomed to with age, that you can actually afford now and you have a bit more cash to spare.

Welcome to being part of a very fast growing trend –



The Flashpacker: Laptop, iPhone, Digital Camera and a little luxury on a Budget

Flashpacking as the name implies derives from backpacking. Backpacking with an upgrade, making it flash. Flash for cash, flash as in expectation of standard or even just flash with gadgets at hand (iPhone, laptop, etc)

Bare Minimum Travel is a an independent travel agency that recognised this trend over 4 years ago, but named it “organised backpacking”. In the meantime the term flashpacking has been coined and is becoming better known in the travellers’ terminology.

Bare Minimum Travel (BMT) was one of the first of it’s kind to offer this unique travel experience and cater for the evident gap in the market.

  Over the years it has been identified that the target market is travellers in their mid 20’s to late 40’s failing to find the standard within the right time frame and budget category.

BMT set out to pride themselves in being able to offer an exceptional service allowing it’s clients to pre book accommodation within the backpacker budget (Euro 20-60/ night/ double room). The standard of the rooms was a priority. Clean linen, ensuite, towels included, Free Wi-Fi, safe locations, female friendly and suitable for solo travellers.

The advantage that BMT offers to Flashpackers is that it offers unique accommodation, often not listed in any of the guidebooks therefore undiscovered and not overrun with backpackers. In addition they offer a very personal service catering for the individual travellers needs without taking away the feeling of independent travel from the traveller.

BMT encourages it’s clients to experience the true enviroment of the country and therefore works supporting local accommodations & guesthouses.

The Riad Laksiba experience is as much about integrating into a local community .

Their motto “…don’t just be a tourist” strikes a cord with most flashpacker clients.

To find out more contact Bare Minimum Travel via their website www.BareMinimumTravel.com or email Kerstin Brand at bareminimumtravel@yahoo.com

Kerstin Brand is based in Marrakech. “I run a small independent Travel Company offering luxury backpacker and flashpacker accommodation”.