Laksiba presents “Adventure by Design”

Posted on May 16, 2011


As the masses are shepherded into their pre-designed package tour some are looking for a new adventure, a new experience.

Route to Ansa


The adventure can be local or further afield, UK based or global. This is the unique provision of Adventure by Design, designing treks around the world (specialising in the UK and Morocco) travelling by 4×4 or trekking on foot tailored to your requirements and aims turning them into memories; visiting places and offering the experience the package tour will not reach.  

From the busy streets of Marrakech to the amazing mountain views, the gorges and desert dunes, Morocco offers so many different experiences. 

To enrich your visit to Morocco we are able to provide truly bespoke treks to discover the culture and country by either 4×4 or hiking, maybe even a combination of both.

Fully insured 4x4 Vehicles

 Although we do provide an English speaking leader with each trek there is a strong ethos of a sustainable and ethical provision respecting the environments and cultures we operate in.

Twisting through the Gorge


Therefore, we use locally sourced skilled and trained people, provisions, accommodation where required and vehicles whenever possible.

Adventures take many forms from day visits to overnight expedition’s dependant on your aims.

We use vehicles based in country all fully insured and checked by our drivers. Each adventure has a qualified expedition first aid trained representative.  For environmental reasons we limit 4×4 treks to four vehicles, minimum numbers dependant on location. Hiking can be from one to groups of eight.  

To find out more or to discuss your requirements please contact us or take a look at our web site