>Portraits of Riad Laksiba Service Providers – NEIGHBOURS

Posted on May 12, 2011


>ABDELLAH – NEIGHBOUR Photo: Abdellah by Simon Hawkesley

Today comes as a sad day as I hear of the passing of an Old Friend.

Photo: The Stable and Riad Laksiba 2005 by Simon Hawkesley

Derb Kadi was historically the Royal Stables. All bar one stable has long since gone to be replaced by homes, Riad Laksiba included.

The remaining stable is directly opposite Riad Laksiba’s front door and stands testament to a bygone age.

Photo: Abdellah & Hassan’s “Calech” standing opposite Riad Laksiba by Simon Hawkesley

Abdellah, the stable owner; passed away yesterday having reached a grand old age, mid-to-late 80’s, he remained active with his daily visit to the stable to ensure that his legacy was in good running order with Hassan, his son. Hassan keeps the stable in a fine condition and the horses are beautifully looked after. Abdou, Riad Laksiba’s Guardian, spends each afternoon helping in the stable and also prepares tagine meals for the Grooms when they return in the evenings.

Rather than mourn Abdellah’s death; I find myself celebrating his life and his warm neighbourly hospitality. Abdellah showed an active interest in the restoration of Riad Laksiba; he was genuinely courteous and kind toward my family and Laksiba’s guests. Abdellah is a sad loss; he provided a truly rich embellishment to the street life of Derb Kadi.

My condolence goes to Hassan.

Photo: Residents of Derb Kadi, Riad Laksiba’s neighbours by Simon Hawkesley

All of Riad Laksiba’s neighbours have unique characters offering a diverse mix of personalities; which bring great enjoyment to my frequent returns to Derb Kadi. I feel welcomed and accepted as a neighbour; honoured and rewarded to be allowed to share in the day-to-day interaction of this tight community.

To Abdellah: Our thoughts are with you; May you Rest in Peace 11-05-2011