>Portraits of Riad Laksiba Service Providers – RUGS

Posted on May 6, 2011


>ABDELJALIL – RUGS Photo: Abdeljalil (Tombuktou Rugs) by Simon Hawkesley

Abdeljalil was a chance encounter.
I was out-and-about with Guests buying textiles and felt that we had struck real bargains.
Walking with a swagger in our steps, near Rue Riad Zitoune, we stopped outside the shop owned by Abdeljalil. He had very similar fabrics to what we had just purchased. I asked “typically what should I expect to pay for that fabric?” to my amazement he instantly came up with the same figure; that we had just spent an hour negotiating!

I promised that I would return the next day to discuss rugs for Riad Laksiba.

The meeting turned into a friendship and a great aide-memoire into Abdeljalil’s life.

He had played the Tam-Tam Drums several times at Glastonbury for Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.

Done a session with “The Cars” (Who’s gonna Drive you home Tonight…)

Also a regular visitor to the Essaouira Music Festival and played there with Bob Marley’s bassist

and even hung around with Jean-Paul Gaultier in the Jemaa el-Fna!

It all sounded very elaborate until Abdeljalil produced these photo’s

With such a “back history” how could I resist but to commission Abdeljalil to source rugs for Riad Laksiba.

I am delighted with his products and pricing.

Having spent days, if not weeks, frustrated with rug salesmen’s outrageous prices; the prices from Abdeljalil were less than least half of any past best efforts.

I still need a few more rugs to finish but at least I do not have to look anymore for a quality Rug Merchant when I can afford my next purchases.

Two weeks ago I was wondering around Marrakech with my daughter Hannah. We popped in to say hi to Abdeljalil. Hannah also found him enigmatic and asked of other English Musicians he had played with.
“Do you know The Beatles?”
“YES ! have you played with them?”
“No….. but I did do a session on the square (Djemma el-Fna) with Paul McCartney and another less known musician”
“WOW… that’s cool… who was the lesser known musician?”
“Elton John by you might not have heard of him”……..

Great rugs….. what a find !

If you are looking for Rugs in Marrakech, call into Riad Laksiba and we’ll happily make the recommendation and introduction to Abdeljalil