>Portraits of Riad Laksiba Service Providers – BARBER

Posted on May 6, 2011


>ABDELTIF – BARBER Photo: Abdeltif (Barber Rue de la Kasbah) by Simon Hawkesley

Abdeltif is a regular face to spot in Rue de la Kasbah, the main arterial road in the Kasbah district of the Medina; in other words ….. the Kasbah’s High Street.

Having spent roughly 7 months of 2010 and most of 2011 in Marrakech; a regular visit to the Barber has been paramount to my regular activities, especially as I am “folically challenged” and, as such, I look very scruffy, very quickly if I allow what’s left of my mop to sprout.

Years ago I remember braving it out and having my hair cut by a Barber in the Jungles of Sri Lanka, it attracted a large un-expected audience; who chanted a round-of-applause when the process concluded.

As such I hoped that Marrakech life would be a less audience attracting affair and indeed it was. Nobody gave a second thought to my entering Abdeltifs Barber Shop, sitting and waiting my turn and eventually being gowned up in the chair.

Abdelfit has Certificate’s proudly on display for European Barber Competitions he entered back in the 70’s. Thus I felt in good hands.

I see Abdeltif on most days as I wander down Rue de la Kasbah; if I don’t see him I hear “Mr.Salim” echo across the street followed by a generous wave when he has caught my eye.

Abdeltif also Police’s my crop, when he sees me; he rubs his chin, nods knowingly like a doctor considering a course of medication and murmours “2 days….. 3 maximum”. I accommodate accordingly.

Abdeltif’s French is excellent and he is keen to learn English, so I have purchased a Morocan/English English/Moroccan Dictionary to get him started.

Outside the Barber Shop Abdelfit displays an Immobilier sign (Estate Agent) which is very normal in Marrakech. If you want to sell your house….. tell your Barber as he gets to see all of your neighbours over the course of a month or so. He has a static audience in the chair to discuss prices etc. and I cannot think of a better way to discuss property matters than in the Barber Shop.!

Especially a man who has served my head and beard so well since 2005 and a man I class as a friend.